I was sitting and sipping on some hot tea while enjoying the rainy Sunday, thinking about how in less than a month I will be a year older. How my 20th year has been nothing short of amazing! I’ve traveled to so many places, worked with so many brands, got through college and met some amazing people. While there have been good times, there were also bad. Feeling anxious for no reason, things not working out the way I’d want them to or missing out on something because of another. The mix of the good and bad is what made it a great year.

5 years ago, if someone had told me that I’d be doing what I do today, I would’ve laughed at them and shuddered at the thought of putting my life out there and interacting with so many people. I’ve always been the shy girl who doesn’t talk much or ends up saying something stupid out of nervousness. Struggled with having even a little bit of confidence.But because of blogging and because of the love and support that you guys have shown towards me I have grown immensely as a person and I’ve learnt so many things. Yes, still feel nervous and anxious than most but I’d say I’ve come a long way from “Teenage Shivani”.

Your comments, emails and DM’s have encouraged me to do better each time and never stop believing in myself. and it’s partly because of you all that I’ve come so far and become so confident of myself. So thank you for that, all you wonderful people. I love you guys! All I want to say is take that decision that you’ve been overthinking about. Don’t be scared or anxious. And definitely, don’t think about what others will think. If you’re passionate about it and believe in yourself it will do wonders for you!

I’m going away somewhere for my birthday and I’m so so excited. I cannot wait to share it with you! I will soon! Until then, keep guessing!

Lots and lots of love xx













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2 thoughts on “Metamorphosis

  1. Hey, I have also started blogging and after reading this I can connect with you so much definitely would like to see myself where you are today and wish a lot more success to you, you have instilled that confidence in me which i was lacking, still much more to learn but the credits of initiating that belief goes to you. Thank you so much ❀

  2. Ipsita bhattacharya

    Hi shivani…iam following you for a longest time and i really love your work…and ofcourse your personality…seems like u are more like a quite and sweet girl..😊😊reading this post actually made me happy by knowing a sneak peak of your life! How passionate , how hard working u are! So many things you have achieved by ur hard work at such an early age!! More love to u girl!!❀
    I have some queries regarding blogging…and i think this post would be the best one to ask you!! So i have been really willing to start a blog about beauty and fashion!! Bt afraid of the fact that how it will stand up!how to deal with negativity?? And most importantly many people say that bloggers residing in bombay or delhi gets more advantage in terms of getting works..attending events etc etc….even ihave seen brands to collaborate who are based on either of the above cities??i don’t belong from bombay/delhi!πŸ˜₯(unfortunately)…!! As u have worked with several brands i just want to ask does really city matters?? If someone not residing in bombay , do they get equal priority by the brand??? I will be waiting for yoyr answer!! Plss do reply!!πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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