Be unstopable with Whisper Ultra Soft.

Comfort is something everyone looks out for. No matter what aspect of life it is. And for women every month comes a time when comfort is really important. Being a woman who’s always on the run it is of utmost importance. Whisper has always been the one I’ve opted for when I’m on my periods. It is India’s leading Feminine Care brand and I love how Whisper has always been the one to encourage women to be out there and confident no matter what day of the month it is. They encourage us and break period taboos through their advertisements and campaigns.

Today I wanted to talk to you all about the newly launched “Whisper Ultra Soft” which offers superior comfort and is very soft and gentle on the skin. The sanitary pad being soft is something that really leads to comfort and helps us be ourselves and do any kind of activity throughout the day.

The week I was in Vietnam was the time I used the Whisper Ultra soft and I was absolutely pleased with it. We would be out walking around on the streets of Vietnam while shooting and there was no sign of discomfort. I did not suffer from any kind of stickiness or rashes. It is indeed a great product and definitely let me get through the day with comfort.









About the Event:-

The set up at the event was absolutely beautiful! It was like a pink La La Land. The event was informative and very interesting. They spoke about a lot of things that many girls aren’t aware of. Actress Radhika Apte also spoke a few words about how our periods shouldn’t stop us from our goals and daily routine and that they shouldn’t be a distraction.

There was also a session where Edit Tilly (senior scientist at the P&G R&D centre) showed everyone what goes into the making of the Whisper ultra soft 2x softer sanitary pads. There were a lot of doubts that were cleared by the doctor and the interactive session was fun. Dr Palshetkar (gynaecologist) was also a part of the event and she also filled the minds of young girls with knowledge on how periods are a problem amongst girls working daily and how they come in the way of an ambitious day even though they shouldn’t.

Take a look at all the event action in this video-  ttps://








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