Unlocking my hair energy with the System Professional Energy Code Complex

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A lot of times we fail to understand that what may work for you might not work for someone else. The same goes for our hair. Everyone’s hair is different and so the products or treatment they need/deserve is different.

About two weeks ago I met Sabrina from System Professional at Affinity Juhu who helped me unlock my hair’s energy with the new System Professional with Energy Code Complex. They’ve actually come up with a way to unlock the secrets to re-energizing and transforming every type of hair!

The first step to finding out your personal tailor-made energy code is to understand your hair by hair energy mapping. System Professional experts have developed a special HAIR ENERGY MAPPING diagnostic tool which is a hand-held microscope and an in-salon app for the hair care consultants in the salon. This tool takes a microscopic look at your hair and gives you an in-depth analysis of your hairs and scalp’s energy. Once your hair has been diagnosed your personal energy code is generated out of over 100,000 possible care combinations! Your energy code is a personalised system of the new System Professional treatment and products.

I had a great experience with the Energy code Complex treatment. I’ve never seen my hair so up close. Sabrina, with the help of the diagnostic tool, helped me understand how the quality of my hair differs from the root to the tip. Once the type and energy of my hair had been understood and diagnosed, my personal tailor-made energy code was generated (P1+H2+L4+L5) I went on to get the treatment with the System Professional products based on by personal energy code.

I absolutely loved how my hair felt after the treatment! They felt soft and extremely voluminous. And how can I forget the fragrance!? I definitely recommend the Energy code complex experience. It won’t just help you understand your hair but also give you results.




























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