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Having strong and thick hair is something that every girl desires and if you’re anything like me and love colouring your hair it’s even harder to achieve that when all the hair colour makes your hair extremely rough.

I have always been someone who loves colouring my hair and my job is such, that my hair goes through constant styling. All that has definitely damaged my hair. Therefore, not all conditioners help me smoothen out the rough ends and keep my hair strong. So, finding the right combination of shampoo and conditioner is very important to me.

You must’ve seen on my Instagram that I decided to give the Pantene #StrongerIn14Days challenge a shot. Pantene has released a new line of Shampoos and Conditioners that makes your hair stronger every time you wash it.

“Pantene has definitely made my hair thicker in the past 14 days. It looks and feels much thicker and stronger. Thanks to the ProV Formula and Goodness of Oils “

The pro-v formula in the new Pantene nourishes the hair and makes it stronger plus it has all the goodness of oils. It strengthens your hair from root to tip. According to me, It is not only the shampoo that plays an important role in making our hair stronger and thicker, the conditioner is equally important.  I was pleasantly surprised when Pantene actually helped me smoothen out all the knots and rough ends. And one of my favourite things about Pantene is the fragrance. I absolutely love the scent it leaves on my hair after a shower. I also noticed that it doesn’t make my scalp oily the day after I’ve washed my hair and that is something that not every other shampoo can achieve. 

The new Pantene is definitely worth a shot! It will transform the quality of your hair in just 14 days, get your free sample here : https://www.rewardme.in/discover-new-pantene

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  1. ranjitha

    u have a good volume of hair

  2. Wow shivani Really u looking gorgeous, beautiful, sweet, lovely, pretty , awesome.
    I really loved this look shivani ❤️❤️

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