My experience with Ralf Boss from TIGI

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Who doesn’t love getting their hair styled! Right!? I sure do. Last week I visited the Lakme Salon in Bandra where Ralf Boss gave me a hair cut and styled my hair. Who is Ralf Boss you ask? He leads the TIGI Asia Educator Team as Creative Director Taiwan & Asia South Pacific! He has been a part of TIGI for over 21 years! Having my hair done by someone so talented and experienced was a great experience. 

First, he gave me a much-needed haircut and got rid of all my dry and split ends. An interesting thing that he did was that he cut the ends of my hair in small triangles and not in a straight line like most people do here.

We then moved on to the styling bit where he used only two products to achieve voluminous hair- TIGI: “Oh Bee Hive” Dry shampoo and TIGI “After Party” soothing cream! The outcome was wonderful and I absolutely loved it. Take a look at the pictures to see the process and the gorgeous outcome.



Shivani Patil





























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  1. Wow shivani… ❤
    Really u looking so so beautiful ❤
    & lovely smile shivani patil ☺❤
    😍 like your pictures shivani ❤
    “I am a big fan of you…shivani 😍❤

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