Beautiful Bali!

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I’m sure you guys are already aware that about a week ago I was in Bali taking time off from all the work! It was an amazing and a much needed trip. It was 6 of us who went there. Me, my sister Sarah, Rohan my two college friends Shikha and Omkcar and Omkcar’s sister, Vaishnevi. We had blast there for 7 days!



I have so many pictures and I can’t put them all on Instagram so I decided to do a blog post and share everything with you guys.



Like I said we were there for seven days, from the 4th June to the 10th June. We had an 11:15pm flight from Mumbai to Bali. There is no non-stop flight to Bali so we had a 2-hour halt at Kuala Lumpur and then from there an hour or two’s flight to Bali. We landed in Bali in the afternoon around 2pm and I couldn’t be more excited! For the first 3 nights, we were staying at “All seasons Hotel” in Kuta. Our 1st day there was completely free so all we did was laze around, go for a swim and later in the evening explore the market a little.
Day two was full of sight seeing. We had a pick up of 9am so we had to be up at around 7. Which was hard. Really really hard. Because Bali is 2 hours ahead of Mumbai so for us it was like waking up at around 5 in the morning. So yeah, that was almost impossible. Haha. But we managed. The 1st day we went to see three places. First, we went to see the “Bali Luwak coffee Plantation” where we got to taste around 7 to 8 different kinds of coffees with an amazing view in front of out table. Some of the coffee flavours were so delicious that I bought box or two of them to take home with me and some that I just kept down after the 1st sip. They also showed us how they make coffee there! From there we headed to see “ Mount Batur” It is an active volcano in Bali. It was so beautiful! It’s funny how such beautiful things turn out to be so dangerous. We had our usual photo session there and then sat to have lunch with a gorgeous view. It was so so cold up there I regret leaving my jacket back at the hotel. Once we were done with lunch we left for our third location, the “Goa Gajha Temple” or you could call it the “Elephant Cave” The temple was gorgeous. It had a beautiful cave and a lot of coconut trees around!  That was the end of day 2. We were out for the whole day and reached the hotel super tired. We rested for some time in our rooms and then went out for dinner.







Mount Batur





Goa Gajha Temple cave





Our third day had everything to do with water. In the morning we went for water sports and then for a sunset dinner cruise. Water sports was super fun. We went for parasailing, jet skiing, banana boat etc! We reached our hotel around lunch time and decided to order food at our hotel room itself. After resting forA while we left for out “Sunset Dinner Cruise” The weather was perfect that day.  We obviously had a photo session on the cruise followed with a buffet dinner and some super entertaining performances!







IMG_0641 (1)



On our fourth day, it was time to leave Kuta and move to Benoa for the next three days where we were staying at “Ibis Styles”  The best part about this hotel was that it was so close to the beach. Hardy a 200mtr walk! On our way to the hotel, we took an hours stop at “The Tanha Lot Temple” It was in the middle the sea and it was beautiful! The view of the sea and the temple was just breath taking. The pictures don’t do justice to it’s beauty! We spent an hour there and had lunch outside near the temple after which we left for our hotel.









The last three days were all to us. We did not have any sightseeing planned so we could do whatever we wanted. The first day at Ibis we went for a fun swim and spent our evening in the pool. That day we had dinner at a restaurant right on the beach. Dinner with a gorgeous view and cool wind.





Day five was filled with shopping! We went to the duty free mall and spent most of our day there! Shopped for a lot of chocolates, clothes, bags etc! We also shopped at H&M. From the mall we went back to Kuta where we were staying for the first three days because the market over there was so much better. It was a drive of around 30min or so. We spent our entire evening there, shopping, walking around, exploring the market, the food stalls and restaurants there. We had dinner at an Indonesian restaurant there. The food there was good but almost everything had a hint of sweetness and was not as spicy as the food eat here. But it was still yum! and it was great to try something new.







We went shopping on our sixth day too. Obviously! One day for shopping is never ever enough! We spent the morning on the beach and by the pool and after lunch we left for the market to do some shopping. People over there are so talented and creative! There were so many dream catchers and beautiful painting that were made by them. The team catchers were HUGE! My sister and Rohan picked up one each. It was our last night there. We ate at a restaurant in the market itself and then headed back to our hotels!





Those seven days were so much fun! Bali is such a beautiful place and the people there are the most kind and polite people ever! Everyone will greet you with a smile on their face. Every single one, Not one person was rude. They are so good to the tourists there.
We all were so sad to leave. Those seven days were not enough. I can’t wait to go back there someday! It was a wonderful experience!

IMG_1700 (1)












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