Swatch – I always want more!

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I recently attended the launch of the Swatch SS16 collection! And I must say the collection is super colourful and quirky! Watches are an accessory that have been around for the longest time and it’s amazing to see how classy and quirky they’ve become over time. It amazing to see the amount of time and effort people put into making one watch. The details the look of it everything has to be perfect.
Just like there are different kinds of outfits for different kinds of occasions similarly, there are different kinds of watches for different occasions. Swatch has come up with a super quirky and colourful collection of watches, ” I always want more!” Under which they have six kinds of watches-
  1. Floralia
  2. Power Tracking
  3. Metallix
  4. Es war einmal
  5. Africana
  6. Beach Swing



These two were my favourites from their entire collection. The white one falls under “Metallix” and the colourful one under “Africana”





Es war enimal-
These are probably the coolest lot of them all. I love the faces of all the watches in this collection. They’re super light and casual. Perfect for everyday wear!



Power Tracking-
These watches were more on the heavier side. They are super classy and perfect to wear for meetings or the office. Maybe even date nights!





These watches have a complete tribal look and feel to it. Thus the name.



This collection is all about florals! They’d be perfect with a cute dress or a skirt and top! I love how colourful they are.





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  1. Tashiara

    Where this event took place?? How I missed it? Lol :p

  2. Mayank Solanki

    wow really u looking so so beautiful & sweet & pretty &lovely smile shivani patil… 😍😍😍 & i like your pictures shivani… 😍😍😍❤❤❤

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