The new Pantene! & Q/A with Lisa Haydon!

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A while back I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a Pantene event and have a one on one question answer round with Lisa Haydon. Who, by the way, is so gorgeous! I asked her a few questions about Pantene, her haircare routine and about her opinion on the products! She also shared with us how the Pantene shampoo actually works. It basically works on the core and nourishes your hair at the cellular level. It works on a pro-V formula which is like a tonic that seeps inside of your hair and makes it stronger on the inside and therefore shinier on the outside !
I thought it’d be great if I share my conversation with Lisa with you guys! So below are all they questions I asked her and her answers to it!
Q1) What is your daily hair care routine?
Ans) I don’t necessarily wash my hair every single day. Actually, this is an old beauty trick that sometimes if you don’t wash your hair for a few days you kind of let the oil help you hair flow. But aside from that my hair care routine is more weekly, I wash my hair twice or thrice a week depending on what sort of damage there is or what sort of hair spray or serum is used. And I’ve been a Pantene user my whole life. (SinceI was 12 or 13) So now I’m using the new Pantene shampoo and conditioner. I like to put a mask in once every couple of weeks and then I use a styling iron. I don’t like to blow-dry. It’s time-consuming and I don’t like the way it falls after a blow dry particularly. It makes the hair look salon done and I don’t like anything to look done. I think it should just enhance it’s natural look. So if I’m having a bad hair day I’ll just pick up the few pieces that look frizzy or the pieces that are not falling nicely and just fix them with a styling Iron.
Q2)So obviously you get a lot of styling done for your hair and use products and heat so do you have anything particular that you do that will help prevent the damage?
Ans) I usually find that washing usually helps prevent the damage. Like If I just soften the hair and get all the crunchy hairspray and leave the conditioner for a while. Even if it’s a regular conditioner, like Pantene‘ new conditioner. I’ll leave it in for a longer time.  I don’t know if that’s the right way but I just do it for myself. and the one thing that I’ve noticed though is, honestly, when it comes to styling the stiffer your hair is sometimes it’s just easier the next day to work with. so I take instructions from my hair stylist,If she tells me to wash I wash if she tells me don’t wash I don’t wash
Q3) so have you ever had an “I woke up like this Moment” where your hair is just perfect when you got up? And what was it like!?
Ans) Amazing! It was like a good day!
Q4) What do you think makes Pantene different from the others?
Ans) I had the opportunity to go to the Pantene lap this year in Singapore and there they actually show you exactly what goes inside the shampoo, how it works, they even had like a blow dryer demonstration where they put like a 100 blow dryers on to one swab of hair that had been Pantene treated and the other one feel out. So you know your hair becomes much stronger when you use Pantene and then, of course, they’ll do like  blind testing for example “Which hair fiber do you like better?” And you don’t know which one is Pantene. So they do brand comparisons and all different kinds of things. At the end of it, all Pantene for me is the best.Because I have used it my whole like I am a testimony to that,my hair is the testimony to that. It was interesting to go there and sort of like, you know, actually compare and see the proof right in front of you










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