Styling it up with my Gear S2

Hey there!
You all are aware that I have been using the Gear S2 and I’m absolutely loving it!  I have been taking it around almost everywhere! Whether it’s a party, a movie or just a casual lunch. It’s there on my wrist! Every time I’ve come across a new feature I’ve shared it with you on Instagram! Since I take it out that often I have styled it in many different ways. So I decided to share some of the ways with you guys! Because of its basic sleek design, it goes with almost every outfit of mine and having it with me almost everywhere just makes my life so much easier.
The best way and my most favorite way to style the Gear S2 is by changing the watch face! It has so many options. I love changing the face every day! It’s like having a wearable according to my mood. A new day, a new watch face! So versatile! Another thing I like about this wearable is that the straps are detachable.  That makes it so easy for you to add any other colored or printed strap that you’d like to take the Gear S2 out for the day! You can basically personalize this wearable according to how you’d like its appearance to be! How cool is that!
Adding some delicate or chunky bracelets, rings or bands while you wear your Gear S2 is another way to take your style up a notch. If you have any ideas for styling the wearable do share it with me!







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