Samsung Gear S2- A new addition to my gadget family!

Hey there!
So recently I got a new work phone for myself. Rohan insisted on it being Samsung as we would be sharing it. I’d been hearing so much about Samsung’s latest launch, the Samsung Gear S2 that we decided to try it out and see if the much talked about wearable would make things easier. I can say one thing for sure; this is one super friendly gadget to use!
Since I’ve got it, I haven’t left my house without it. It comes with two size straps, small and large. The small one for dainty wrists like mine and large ones for wrists like Rohan’s.
The Gear S2 comes in this beautiful white box which makes the black wearable inside look even more exquisite than it already is. It’s no rocket science to connect your phone to the Gear S2. It’s pretty simple, you just download the Samsung Gear app from the Galaxy app store, and you’re good to go! The Gear S2 pairs with smart phones running on Android 4.4 and higher with over 1.5GB RAM.
Personally, I feel that it’s just the perfect gadget for anyone. You use it once and you cannot take it off. You can take and make calls using a Bluetooth headset even when you don’t have your phone with you, reply to messages, check emails, follow the latest trends on Twitter, and what not. It also has these quirky and super cool watch faces that you can change as and when you’d like to.
The Gear S2 does so much more, and I cannot wait to explore everything it can do with it! I will keep you guys updated via my Instagram and blog about my experience with the Gear S2. So stay tuned!



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