Virat Kohli! The new face of “Tissot”


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When it comes to watches there are so many brands out there but only some that make the cut when it comes to quality, durability and appealing appearance! The swiss brand “Tissot” definitely and very easily makes the cut!
If you follow me on Instagram you’d know that I recently attended the Tissot brand ambassador launch! By now I think everyone is aware that Virat Kohli is the new face for Tissot along with Deepika Padukone. At the event, we got a chance to meet Virat Kohli and take a look at Tissot’s new heritage and sports collection! The watches were super chic and elegant! Some were the classics, some were bold and some had colourful straps!
It was a super fun event where we were made to crack a puzzle by putting together  pieces to find out who the ambassador is! They left the piece that had the face on it for a little mystery and Virat walked in with that piece to complete the puzzle! Haha!
We also got to attend the unveiling of the ambassador to the press where Virat was asked a few questions by the media and we got an insight into “Tissot” as a company. All together it was a great event and we all were super ecstatic to meet Virat Kohli!



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