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It feels like it has been forever since I’ve written a post for the blog! It’s so good to be back! Today’s post is different from the usual! I am going to be talking about “The Enamor style studio app” and Inner wear must haves!
 Let me begin with talking about the app that enamor has come up with to hep us understand the size and fit that’s best for us.
I went to experience and use the app a few weeks ago and what I realized because of it is that we usually don’t bother to get our size checked often. We tend to stick to the same size for years and what we don’t understand is that it’s not only the size that matters but also the shape.
For example, If you and your friend are the same size, say 32B, that size may be more comfortable for you than for your friend because the shape and bust profile differs from person to person. The Enamor style studio app helps you understand your size but also your shape and what size and bra is perfect for you. You just have to answer a few questions and you will have your answer within seconds.
Through this app and with the help of the experts at enamor, in just a few steps I realized why it is important to know my size and shape and find the bra that is a perfect fit for me. She asked me a few questions like my size and what I feel comfortable in and helped me determine my shape and told me which bra is perfect for me!
I must tell you it was very helpful. The app is not available to the masses. If you want to experience it too just go to any Enamor shop and you can get all your questions answered. I visited the one at Shoppers Stop in  Inorbit Mall. The expert at their shop will explain why and what kind of bra is best for you.
While I was taking a look at the app I also saw some of the must have inner wear that Enamor offers. They have so many different kinds of bra’s that they offer, it’s absolutely great! They had so many options. Almost like they had a bra for every type of dress! haha! I thought it would be a great idea to share some of the must haves with you guys!
After looking at all the different kinds of bra’s I realized that we have to begin to understand that not one kind/type of innerwear can be worn with everything. If your inner wear is not correct it will make your outerwear look uncomfortable. The picture below shows some of the must haves that every girl should have in her closet!



1) A T-shirt bra is probably the most used, important and no.1 must have bra! This bra does not leave any lines on your T-shirt that leaves it looking shabby. It’s seamless. So it leaves your t-shirt looking clean.
2) A low back bra or a transparent back strap bra is important for back less or low back dresses! Because c’mon, everyone wants their outfit to be on point and neat!



3) Strapless bra‘s come handy when you’re wearing a tube top or a tube dress. Having no straps on your shoulders when you’re wearing a tube dress or top makes the dress stand out and makes the look neater and clean.
4) Convertible bra. I would categorize this as one of the most convenient bra’s. You can use it as a normal strap bra or you can cross it at the back when you are wearing a T-back top so it hides under your shirt.


5) Push up Bra: This comes handy when you are wearing a low neck top or dress to give you the fuller illusion.
6) Another must have is Shapewear. The purpose of shape wears is not to make you look thin but to give your body the perfect shape. This is very useful when you’re wearing a tight dress. You need to understand your body share and chose your shapewear. How to do that you ask?


Just visit enamor and ask them to help ou out to choose the perfect shapewear or  bra for you and they will help you out in the best way possible.
I really hope this post was helpful! If you guys have any questions leave them in the comments below and I will answer them!


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