Hey there!
Looks like winter just doesn’t want to make it to Bombay! This post is in hope for the winter! Haha.
Moving away from the climate and seasons and coming to the styling part of this post. We all have our style heroes. Don’t we? Basically something that we absolutely love, is in trend and boosts our confidence from a 60 to 100.
If you don’t have one yet, Dorothy Perkins has you covered with their style heroes on Jabong! Check them out here. I have styled my entire look today with their style hero pieces! The A-Line skirt, roll neck and the ankle boots! They have a lot more options that gave me a hard time when I had to put a look together! Especially FUR COATS. I mean why can’t we have winters in Mumbai that need us to wear big beautiful fur coats! WHY!?


Anyway, I hope you guys liked the post. Do let me know what you think in the comments below!
















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One thought on “DPForJabong

  1. kareena

    u look drop dead gorgeous shivani may i know where did u styled ur outfit and heals from ?

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