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So today’s post is something really different and I haven’t done anything like this before. Maybe that’s why I am beyond excited to share my lovely experience with you! We girls don’t get to wear a lot of jewellery unless we’re getting dressed up for weddings or family functions, and even if we do, it’s very subtle and minimal. I was very lucky to pair up with Manubhai Jeweller’s for their Utsavi collection a few weeks ago ! They have the most gorgeous jewellery pieces ever! The pearls on the necklace are called Keshi Pearls and the jewellery has beautiful Nakshi work on them.
The second I saw the necklaces, their sparkling colours caught my eyes.They went perfectly with the saree I wore, and I wish I could buy them so they’d stay with me forever! The colours and the sparkling pearls are what seized my attentionThis one below is called the Peacock necklace. It has so much of detailing that makes it authentic. There are loads of bright colours so you can wear them with any Indian outfit and they’ll still look beautiful. The different colours play the ultimate role of a statement piece for your outfit so you can keep your outfit simple and elegant at the same time! But my personal favourite is the choker necklace! I think it is absolutely gorgeous!
And as I said, we don’t get to wear too much jewellery so this was a one of a kind experience for me. I love experimenting with different styles but this was really unlike anything I’ve done and I had so much fun!

So that’s all for today. Tell me what you think in the comments!



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