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I usually talk about new looks or shoots, but I won’t be talking about any of them today.

Wooplr! I’m about to talk to you about this app which makes my life a lot more easier, I wish I discovered it earlier! It’s now ten times easier to find out about new fashion trends. Also, have you been searching for a garment for too long and don’t know where it’s from? This app solves that problem too. The app is called Wooplr!                                                                                                                                                            I signed up for Wooplr about some 2 weeks ago and I feel like it’s a mixture of Instagram and a blog in which the caption from every single post tells you where the outfit or the heels or the bag is from! Dress, shoes, accessories, all the information is given and it just makes things so much easier. It’s a really great place to discover great fashion! You can even make suggestions for your followers on the Wooplr app. They curate the freshest and the hottest trends from all across the globe and now we can finally keep track of all the trends in one place. There is an excellent search engine on the app and it allows you to type any keywords and look for a specific product. You can also choose the city you are in to make your search more efficient.

They have collocated all the hot trends and divided them into different categories on their site from where you can shop that particular trend. Doesn’t it make the process of shopping for what we are looking for a lot more easier? If you love fashion and want to avoid the hassle of looking for things online, or going to every mall now and then, use Wooplr. It’s the best, really.

I went through each of the trends and I absolutely loved how I was able to see the products from different sites on the same page. That makes everything less complicated. So instead of looking up different sites for different outfits, you now have one app that lets you shop from different sites! Nothing gets better than this. My shopaholic aching fingers forced me to buy a jacket from the suit up section from Jabong. I’ll share a picture on Instagram or I might just create a blog post with it after I receive it! Check out the curated fashion trends on their site here

In the meantime, you need to download Wooplr and tell me how much you love it! And don’t forget to follow me on the app to see he things I suggest and from where I got them!

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