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Hope you guys are doing well. There is so much going on with the blog these days and I want to thank you guys for your appreciation and love! This wouldn’t have been possible without you’ll.

Today’s post is in collaboration with “Medoso”. I have a thing for statement earrings. The reason I haven’t worn them much on the blog is because I don’t own many but, I definitely plan to. Haha.  When I took a look at Medoso’s collection and saw these blue and golden earrings I had my heart set on them instantly. I love the tassel kinda chains that they have. You can take a look at their collection on their Instagram page or Facebook page

I decided to pair them with a black jumpsuit from StalkBuyLove. I love jumpsuits, but I try and avoid wearing them because I feel like they don’t look that great on me, but I gave this one a shot because I loved the net on it. I was very happy with the fit after trying it on and I was glad that I found a jumpsuit that fit perfectly! I feel like the jumpsuit and the earrings go well together because there is not much going on with the jumpsuit as it has no print on it, it is solid black which makes the earrings look even better.

Hope you guys liked this look. Don’t forget to let me know what you’ll think about it.

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Jumpsuit: StalkBuyLove, Heels: Forever21, Earrings: Medoso




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