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Well, today it’s not your beautiful vibrant Shivani. This time its’s her photographer who doesn’t know what it is to be on the other side of the camera. I had to put a lot of hard work, like really because I had to dress up 3 times to make this look good. After some flattery, Shivani finally managed to convince me that we can pull this off.

We are doing a collaboration with MR.BUTTON. They have some of the most charming and dashing clothes for men and have so much variety! We decided to do a post for guys as I really like the Men’s collection. Here is a jacket that is named after our first Prime Minister. Ironically, he didn’t wear it that often. MR.BUTTON has managed to modernize the Nehru Jacket to fit really well on Engagement Parties and Office meetings. They have a huge collection and many more variations. You should really check out their shorts too.

To be honest, I am someone who will really not care about what to wear most of the times. But on engagement parties and other family occasions  your mom will eat your head and tell you to look like a gentleman. This combination of grey trousers, white shirt, who’s two-colored collar is my favorite part  and the navy blue Nehru jacket is one way of making her happy or rather keep her off your back for a while. You can also carry the jacket around as it looks cool. You can always style these three pieces differently so aren’t just lying in your drawer/cupboard/closet.

Take a look at their amazing collection at !

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