Little orange dress

Hey there,

How are the rains treating you guys!? I love rains and they’re all “wow”,”So pretty” and “I love the weather” when I’m at home but, to be honest, the minute I step out of the house I start hating them. Every time I plan on shooting a look it starts raining! It’s super annoying. and that’s exactly what happened today so I’m gonna have to just sit at home and enjoy the “lovely weather”

I also wanted to thank you guys for all your love and support and for giving me the confidence to do what I love. You’ll are the sweetest and I love receiving your cute DM’s, E-mails and comments. All the opportunities I have today is because of your encouragement. I love you’ll.

Now coming to today’s post, for this look, I wanted to give it a different look. Kinda like a look you’d wear for a derby match with the hat and sunglasses. My favourite part of the dress is the cross and the blue borders. Most of the time I like keeping things minimal and simple so I did not use a lot of accessories just a ring and a thin bangle.

Enjoy the rains and don’t forget to tell me what you think about this look.


















_MG_6607 2-2
Dress: Missa More, Heels & Hat: Forever21, Sunglasses: Classic Couture

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